The Perovskite QD Advantage for Edge-lit Displays

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Be it for work, education or entertainment, displays are the gateway for consuming digital content. Most of us notice when our displays - TVs, monitors, laptops, tablets and phones - are attractively thin and show clear, high quality images. Yet how it works and what it takes to create beautiful pictures on screen is probably

Why Green Matters To Achieve Greater Image Realism and >90% Rec. 2020 Colour Performance in Premium HDR Professional Monitors

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“You have to be there to see it for yourself” is a phrase we often say or hear when something in real life, captured on photos or videos, fail to match up exactly when shown or played back on screens. But what if photos and videos can do the real thing justice? The realism

DSCC: QD Materials are Set for High Growth – Here’s Why

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Quantum dot-based panel shipments are projected to expand from 3M shipments in 2018 to 31M shipments by 2025 representing a 40% CAGR, and quantum dot (QD) materials like CdSe, InP, ZnSe, ZnTeSe and Halide Perovskites are set for high growth with revenues forecasted to reach ~$374M in 2024, according to DSCC.QD Panel Shipment & Forecast

Perovskite: An Introduction to Its Advantages for High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Rec. 2020 Colour Displays

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Prof. Zhi-Kuang Tan, Jax Lee Organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) and quantum dot enhanced liquid crystal displays (QD-LCD, advertised by Samsung as QLED) have successfully achieved commercial production after two decades of intense research and development. OLED functions through electroluminescence and relies on the direct injection of charges into organic emitters, typically vacuum-sublimation-deposited, to achieve

Large-area Near-infrared Perovskite Light-emitting Diodes (PeLED)

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Science is at the heart of how Nanolumi makes a difference in the world; Innovation that creates value is what we truly believe in. Tan Zhi-Kuang, co-founder of Nanolumi, remains committed to this through his research in large-area near-infrared perovskite light-emitting diodes (PeLED). Large-area PeLED on flexible PET substrate The performance of PeLED has advanced

Nanolumi Introduces Industry’s First Perovskite Colour Enhancement Film for QD Displays with High Brightness and Over 90% Rec. 2020 Colour Spectrum Coverage

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Nanolumi Introduces Industry’s First Perovskite Colour Enhancement Film for QD Displays with High Brightness and Over 90% Rec. 2020 Colour Spectrum Coverage Chameleon® G Film is the industry’s first perovskite quantum dot (PeQD) colour enhancement film for QD displays with exceptional brightness and unprecedented colour performance of over 90% Rec. 2020, 99.X% Adobe RGB

Nanolumi Secures US$1 Million Investment to Bring High Performance Perovskite Quantum Dots to Market in 2019

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Nanolumi is a Singapore-based advanced materials company; seed funding to support customer acquisition, team expansion and commercialisation of emerging technologies in their portfolio. Singapore, July 18, 2019 — Nanolumi, a Singapore-based advanced materials company, announced today it has secured US$1 million in seed funding to support the commercialisation of emerging technologies in their portfolio,